Use Leftover Paint To Enhance Surfaces In Your Home

7 October 2022
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Leftover interior paint may not supply you with enough materials to paint an entire room. You can, however, use remaining paint products to beautify furnishings or to create an accent wall. The following guidelines will aid with using interior paint for your next crafting session.

Get Your Money's Worth

Purchasing paint from a paint store may involve matching color swatches or having a custom color of paint prepared. If you decide to buy a unique product that is going to be used to color interior walls, it will be wasteful to dispose of any leftover paint. You can enjoy more color inside of your home, plus match some furnishings or a wall with other surfaces in your home, by using paint that remains in each can that you purchase from a paint store.

Paint products should be stored in a room that is at a moderate temperature. Paint should be stirred thoroughly before applying the paint to nonporous surfaces. If a paint store clerk prepares a custom batch of paint that consists of two or more colors, they will furnish you with details about the products that they have used to prepare a custom blend. This information will be helpful in the event that you choose to decorate additional surfaces in your home and need to purchase another batch of custom paint at a later date.

Plan Your Project

Leftover paint can be used to revitalize a rocking chair, an old chest, or any other type of furnishing that has a weathered surface. If you have two or more colors of paint at your disposal, adding stenciling to wooden surfaces will allow you to create unique designs that stand out. Using a texturizing process to paint items is a way to add dimension and style to a surface that you are covering with paint.

Dabbing paint onto a surface and then using a sponge or a cloth to add texture to the painted area will provide a unique touch to contemporary or classic furnishings in your home. Leftover paint can be used to create an accent wall. An accent wall is one that will complement the surrounding walls. An accent wall can contain one or more colors of paint. If you would like to create a wall that possesses a mosaic theme, you can use painter's tape to mark off areas that will not be covered with paint. Leftover paint can be brushed or sprayed onto surfaces.