Why You Need To Add Moda Grunge Basics To Your Fabric Stash

28 January 2022
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If you enjoy sewing or quilting, you already know how having a variety of fabrics in your fabric stash makes it easy to plan new projects. Adding Moda Grunge Basic fabrics to your stash will take your creativity to a new level. Bursting with fun colors and interesting textures, Moda Grunge Basics will help you sew beautiful quilts or decor for your home. 

Break solid fabric boredom

Like many sewing enthusiasts, you probably already have a good collection of solid fabrics in your stash. Moda Grunge Basics are a collection of rich solids with a unique appearance. These fabrics are different because they are dyed first and then printed on one side to create a textured look.

Use Moda Grunge fabrics the same way you would use any solid-colored fabric. They are great for adding contrast when used with patterned prints, such as florals or geometric designs. They complement a rustic or shabby chic look well and will provide a beautiful contrast in a cottage quilt or when used with miniature prints for home décor accessories.

Make stunning landscape quilts

Use blue Moda Grunge Basic fabric to create a sky in a landscape quilt. Use a green grunge fabric to create a grassy landscape or for trees and foliage. Choose yellow or orange hues of Moda Grunge fabrics to help you make a sunrise or sunset scene in your quilt.  

Choose red, pink, or purple grunge fabric colors to create floral scenes or a garden landscape. White grunge fabrics are perfect for creating winter scenes with snow in a landscape quilt. Gray grunge fabrics work well for creating a cloudy sky or rain in a landscape quilt. 

Make fun home décor items

Do you enjoy decorating in a vintage, modern farmhouse, or rustic style? Moda Grunge Basic fabrics will help you enhance your favorite decorating style or look with fun accent pieces. Sew a curtain topper for a rustic or farmhouse kitchen or dining room in a neutral grunge fabric.

Make a liner for a breadbasket or stitch up a few placemats and napkins to dress up your kitchen table. Stitch up a charming tea cozy to show off at your next tea party. Quilt a miniature wall hanging to add a charming look to a wall.

Whether you are making a beautiful landscape quilt or sewing placemats or napkins for your kitchen table, Moda Grunge Basic fabrics will not disappoint. Rich with stunning colors and interesting textures, these fabrics will add beauty and texture to all of your sewing projects.

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