Use Vinyl Graphics And Additional Decor To Dress Up Your Home Next Halloween

17 April 2020
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Decorating your home's exterior for Halloween is an activity that you and your children may enjoy completing together this fall. Use window graphics, cotton batting, faux spiders, and lights to create a festive scene that your family and visitors can enjoy looking at while standing or sitting on your front porch.

Purchase Some Materials

Vinyl window graphics will cling to glass surfaces and can be secured to the interior or exterior side of a window or a door pane. Graphics are waterproof and reusable. Purchase window graphics that are designed to resemble carved pumpkins, haunted houses, black cats, and witches. Buy some cotton batting, which can be stretched out to resemble spider webs.

Plastic or felt spiders and purple or black light strands can be used to complement the graphics and webs. If you would like to greet trick or treaters upon their arrival to your home, purchase some graphics that contain statements such as "Happy Halloween" or "Have A Spooktacular Time!" A small table that is set nearby can be used to hold treats that you will be giving to the kids.

Clean The Windows And Secure The Festive Decor

Think of how you would like to transform your front porch so that the decorations are visible from the roadway. If you have furnishings set up along the length of the porch, move them to one corner. After cleaning and drying the window and door panes, sort through the window graphics and decide which ones will be secured to each pane. Show your children how to peel the backing from each vinyl picture, line up the graphics, and secure them to the glass.

Tell your kids to press the vinyl edges down carefully and to use the tips of their fingers to smooth out the vinyl. If you purchased glow-in-the-dark graphics or ones that contain vibrant colors, the decorations will be visible, both during the day and at night. Use a staple gun or hooks to secure the cotton batting around each window.

Before suspending the webs from your home, stretch out the cotton into thin strips. Widen the cotton with your fingers until you have formed a weblike surface. Attempt to secure the webs over and around the glass panes, but be mindful that the webs do not block the vinyl graphics. Secure one light strand above or around each window. At night, turn on the lights, so that your visitors can enjoy the festive decor.