Why Greek Life Might Be For You

27 May 2016
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Greek life exists with the purpose of fostering a sense of community. Greek fraternities and sororities have been a part of university culture for over a century, and for many who have attended college, Greek life was their favorite part of the experience. However, if you think that Greek life isn't for you, it is important to understand the purpose of this system and to dispel many of the stereotypes.

Misconceptions About Greek Life

Greek life is often seen as an excuse to drink alcohol and party. Though this is a part of many fraternities and sororities, the importance of this aspect of Greek life has been exaggerated in popular culture.

Greek Life And Academics

Fraternities and sororities are also places of education and often host academic speakers. They provide a variety of educational services. There are some Greek systems that are considered purely academic and are designed to be a place where those who share similar interests can live together and pursue their scholastic interests together.

Meeting Your Emotional Needs

If you are struggling in life, your fraternity or sorority is also a place where you can receive counseling that can help you cope. Even if you do not seek counseling, the Greek systems provide places where you can make friends who can provide you with emotional support.

Learning About A Fraternity Or Sorority

To know whether the fraternity or sorority will help further your academic career, talk with some of the members. Also, talk to those who are now seniors at the university. Learn about the reputation to inform you on whether you would like to join.

If you are not interested in living in a frat house, understand that there are some Greek systems that do not have houses and students who participate live in dorm rooms or apartments still.

Showing Off Your Greek Pride

One of the best ways to show off Greek pride is with wooden Greek letters. These can be decorated with paint and other forms of decoration or simply left as they are. Many companies will allow you to customize your Greek letters to control the font and size. The letters are then usually cut with precision using a computer and laser. 

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